LABEL: Jazzy Sport – JSMT-002/3
FORMAT: 2 x Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixed, Mixtape
RELEASE: Jun 2004

【Extra Feeding by DJ Mitsu the Beats 】

A1 Intro featuring Hunger
A2 Bogota
A3 Crossfire
A4 Dilated peoples / Pay Attention (Inst)
A5 Dudley Perkins / Flowers
A6 Zion I / Critical (Madlib Remix)
A7 Quasimoto / Jazz Cats Pt. 1
A8 Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery / Mellow Mood
A9 Quasimoto / Low Class Conspiracy
A10 Rubix / Love Connection
A11 I Say A Little Prayer
A12 Tangerine
A13 Sound Providers / Who Am I ?
A14 Pete Rock & C.L.Smooth / On And On (Intro Skit)
A15 Unspoken Heard / Trackrunners
A16 Asheru & Blue Black / Elevator Music
A17 The Singers Unlimited / A Capella II
A18 Slum Village / Players (Inst)
A19 Slum Village / Once Upon A Time
A20 DJ Jazzy Jeff / Are U Ready?
A21 A Tribe Called Quest / Find A Way
A22 Janet / Got 'Til It's Gone
A23 Scritti Politti / Tinseltown To Boogiedown (Ali Variation)
A24 Mohs
A25 Maurice Galactica / The Queen And I
A26 Urbs And Cutex / Up And Down
A27 Puts / Keepin It Live
A28 Subterranean / My Style Is Phreaky
A29 Cubano Chant
A30 Mood For Milt
A31 Quietly There
A32 Funky DL / World Wide
B1 Wes Montgomery / Oh! You Crazy Mood
B2 Funky DL / I Love My Life (Keep Moving)
B3 Funky DL / Train Girl
B4 MJQ / One Note Samba
B5 The Starving Artists Crew / Four Square
B6 MJQ / One Note Samba
B7 Puts / The Joyride
B8 De La Soul / Wonce Again Long Island
B9 The Masterminds / Bring It Back
B10 Five Deez / Blue Light Special
B11 JL & DJ Tommee / Tommee Vs. JL
B12 RSL / Beanflicker
B13 Dub Diablo / The Shape-Up
B14 Boca 45 / Steady Rocking
B15 Dynamo Productions / Gotta Groove
B16 The Odd Couple / Sunshine
B17 Quantic / Life In The Rain
B18 Quantic / Primate Boogaloo
B19 New Sector Movements / The Sun (Dwelogy Remix)
B20 Melodramatic / Alive

【Cookin' by DJ Koga from Brooklyn】

Intro. Chillguide
C1 Slum Village / Fall In Love
C2 Pete Rock / Smooth Sailing
C3 The Roots / You Don See Us (Madlib Remix)
C4 Quasimoto / Jazz Cats
C5 Groove Holmes / Song For My Father
C6 Catalyst / New-found Truths
C7 The Awakening / Brand New Feeling
C8 Ty / Break The Look (Inst)
C9 The Unspoken Heard / Truly Unique (DJ Koga Freestyle Remix)
C10 Five Deez / Beat (Inst)
C11 Tek 9 / Interlude 2
C12 J Live / Timeless
C13 Ghetto Children / Equilibrium (Skit)
C14 The Roots / Act Too
C15 Bahamadia feat. Dwele / Philadelphia
C16 Maurica Galactica / NO
C17 Mission / Home
C18 The Unspoken Heard / Elevator Music
D1 Kass, Haseley / Response
D2 Jack McDuff / The City Bump
D3 Young-holt Unlimited / Bumpin' On Young Street
D4 Compost / Buzzard Feathers (Break)
D5 Yesterday New Quintet / (Untitled)
D6 Yesterday New Quintet / Uno Esta
D7 Pete Rock / (Inst Untitled)
D8 Black Star / Little Brother
D9 The Roots / Quicksand Millennium
D10 Schoolz Of Thought / One Of Those Dayz
D11 Jay Dee / Rico Suave Bossa Nova
D12 Joao Donato / Tim Dom Dom
D13 Soul Station / Congalegre
D14 The Visitors / Naima
D15 Cal Tjader / Leyte (Live At Th Funky Quarters)
D16 Cal Tjader / Morning

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